A cloud-based decision support solution for diagnostic and prognostication of prostate cancer

News - February 2017

Christophe Avenel receives the Peter Egardt Scholarship.

Uppsala, Sweden – February 8, 2017 – CADESS Medical AB, a leader in digital pathology analytics for the diagnosis and prognostication of prostate cancer, today announced that Christophe Avenel, Director of Software Development and co-founder of CADESS Medical AB, has received the Peter Egardt Scholarship, an award given to young entrepreneurs in Uppland. Christophe Avenel was awarded the scholarship for “an innovative and interdisciplinary way to combine ICT with medical diagnostics. CADESS opens possibilities for improved prostate cancer diagnosis and has interesting commercial potential. “

“I am very happy and honored to receive this recognition”, said Christophe Avenel. “This is a recognition of the central role that Christophe has played both in the software development of our product, CADESS, and in the forming of the company”, said Ingrid Carlbom, Professor Emeritus, CTO and co-founder of CADESS Medical AB.

About the Peter Egardt Scholarship

The Peter Egardt Scholarship funds were collected in connection with the former Governor Peter Egardt’s retirement in August last year. The scholarship will encourage young innovators and entrepreneurs under 40 years old to drive innovative business growth in Uppsala. The Scholarship was handed out by Peter Egardt himself at the Uppsala Castle, in connection with the Disting’s 50the anniversary on February 7, 2017, arranged by the Chamber of Commerce. For more information see Peter Egardts stipendium går till CADESS.

About CADESS Medical AB

CADESS Medical AB is a Swedish medical analytics company offering CADESS™, a cloud-based innovative digital pathology decision support solution based on image analysis for diagnosis and prognostication of cancer intended to improve patient outcome and reduce healthcare costs for prostate cancer. CADESS is the result of ten years of research at the Centre for Image Analysis, Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University, in collaboration with Uppsala University Hospital. For more information see www.cadessmedical.com.

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